Keep you and your bike happy – It’s very important to get your bike serviced regularly; not only for your safety but to prolong the life of your bike.

Any repair requirements will be highlighted and agreed before being carried out.

All prices are exclusive of parts.


This service evaluates the safety of your bike and keeps it running smoothly. A great way to ensure your bike is at its best all year round.

The safety service includes:

• Cleaning and lubrication of chain, cassette and chainrings.
• Adjustment of brakes and gears
• Adjustment of headset
• Cleaning and degreasing of braking surfaces
• Inspection of frame and forks for damage
• Inspection of tyres for deterioration, and inflation to correct pressure
• Tightness checks and adjustments on all bolts
• A thorough wash, clean and polish




Everything included in The Safety plus a special focus on cables, bearings and tyres identified as benefitting from a replacement. Recommended every six months for daily users or commuters who need a bike they can rely on.

The regular service includes everything in The Safety, plus:

• Alignment and adjustment of gears and brakes
• Thorough inspection of frame and fork for damage
• Checking and adjustment of headset and bottom bracket for play
• Checking and adjustment of wheel hubs for play
• Checking wheels for trueness
• Full oiling of all moving parts




You and your bike need this one every couple of years. Fully stripped back and all parts removed, it will be reassembled with care and all settings corrected. Your bike will be as good as new.

The Everything includes everything. A thorough inspection and clean of…

• The frame
• The headset and bottom bracket
• The wheel hubs
• The chain
• All threads, including a good greasing
• All moving parts, including full oiling

As well as this…

• Wheels are checked and trued if necessary
• Tyres are tested and inflated
• All inner and outer cables are replaced
• Brake pads are checked for wear




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